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Read what current CORE members have to say about their experience with group and private coaching.

A photo of a group of CORE multisport athletes smiling

I have been swimming and strength training with Kari as my coach for the past few years, and this year I joined her on the track to develop my running skills. My confidence and skills as a swimmer and runner have grown immensely since beginning training with Kari. One of my favorite parts about working with Kari is that she brings people together and you feel like you are part of a team. Everyone is welcome and everyone is challenged to work at their level to experience success in this amazing community that Kari has created.

Kari encourages athletes to challenge themselves through her supportive feedback, her passion for sport and her sense of humor. If you are looking to grow as an athlete and to be part of an inclusive community with like minded people, I highly recommend that you join Kari at Core Multisport. 


-Sydney F.

We all train for different reasons.  We come from different backgrounds and we keep coming back for more because of dedicated coaches like Kari Gregory.  Her extraordinary influence has made me such a better version of myself at 67 years old.  She changed my whole world and I’ll never look back. 


Coach Kari on her bike
A photo of a kettlebell and two weights

I started personal training with Kari 15 years ago. One of the things that drew me to Kari was how relatable she is. At the time we were both busy moms of young children; I had 2 boys and she had 4 girls so she understood how hectic life could be. During those years it was easy to put my own fitness aside, but once I started working out with Kari, I really learned to embrace my own health and fitness and make myself a priority.

Over the years, with Kari's guidance I have competed in a few triathlons, some 10km races and grand fondos. Kari has also seen me through a few injuries. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable.

Kari's workouts focus on strength and functional mobility and I have to say I feel more confident and stronger than ever!


Since I have been training with Kari Gregory with Core Multisport I have pushed my personal best skills in swimming, running and biking. Kari always has creative training programs to challenge my routines, and I am pretty sure she has done all of them. Great balance of fun and work and knowledge. 


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