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CORE multisport offers program and training challenges that are specific to each athlete, even in a group setting. Coaches meet individuals where they are at and provide coaching to help athletes achieve their goals.

Anyone who chooses to train is an athlete. We show commitment to all athletes at all stages.

We train with focus, fun and gratitude.

Why Us?

specific, focused and progressive training

CORE multisport speaks to core values of coaching, training and team. Our environment and coaching practises are safe, inclusive and progressive to meet the needs of athletes in a team or individual settings. The concept of ‘multisport’ lends itself to those who wish to focus on one or more sports. It takes the solid coaching reputation built by Jill Kirker and Chris Lough and extends an invitation to grow our club further.

A photo of a group swim training session
A photo of Kari Gregory and her daughters smiling


my name is Kari Gregory

Kari has been an endurance athlete most of her adult life, finding her first 10K road race at Bragg Creek many years ago. She was sold on training and competing and still hasn’t figured out if she races to train or trains to race. Maybe both. She embraces it all as an athlete and coach.  

Kari is an educator by education and practice. She’s been personal training for over 20 years, a triathlete/multisport athlete for 18 and an NCCP Triathlon coach since 2018. If asked about an epic event, she would say ITU World’s in Beijing 2011 for Olympic distance triathlon. Kari adds ongoing professional development including Training Peaks University courses to her repertoire.

She lives as she trains with energy and focus. Kari's superpowers are connection and her sense of humour.

Her four daughters have often been along for the ride, literally, have grown into athletes with various sports and support their Mom every step on her adventures!

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